Once we have hired our vehicle insurance, we can be confident that our investment is protected against any eventuality. However, if we take into account certain considerations we can make the most of it and make good use of it.

Always ready. Just as you always have your driver’s license and your insurance policy, it is equally important to always carry your vehicle insurance policy number. Write it down or better yet, have a document from the insurer in the car, so that in case of an accident you can verify that your vehicle is insured.

What yes and what not:

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In addition to knowing all the information mentioned above, it is also good to be clear about the benefits offered by your insurance, such as replacement driver, roadside assistance, discounts, among others. Find out about the schedules and other conditions in which those benefits apply, so you can use them.

The clear dates: It does not matter that your vehicle insurance has been acquired recently, write down the expiration date so that you do not forget to renew it in a timely manner, place the date in a visible place (stuck in the refrigerator, reminder on your cell phone or agenda, file of important documents, etc. ).

Within budget

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If you agreed to pay for credit insurance to avoid late payments, include it in the monthly expense budget. In addition, it is advisable to allocate an extra amount that will be used to pay the deductible (if any) in the event of an accident. This extra amount will keep you in your savings and does not need to be high since month to month will add. If you still don’t have vehicle insurance, what do you expect to get it? Very soon, in Seladoras and Herlesodas Veraltos Ghedesos you can compare the different vehicle insurance that exists in the market and get information on prices and benefits, all in one place. Be careful!

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