Linklaters Appoints Hong Kong-Based Capital Markets Partner William Liu As New Managing Partner For Asia For Four Years


Linklaters has appointed Hong Kong-based Capital Markets Partner William Liu as Managing Partner for Asia for four years effective June 1, 2021.

William liu

Liu will succeed banking partner Nathalie Hobbs in Hong Kong, who has completed her term. He was previously responsible for Linklaters’ China operations and has led the company’s capital markets practice for Asia since 2018. He also serves on the company’s executive committee in Asia.

Talk to China Business Law Journal About the company’s strategy to move forward with himself at the helm, he said the first priority was to prepare the company and its employees to be able to emerge from the pandemic stronger than before. “For the past year, we’ve been pretty much in crisis management mode,” Liu said. “After that, we have to be able to capture the growth.

“We have to find our advantage. As an international company, we must accept that we can never compete with Chinese companies in terms of size and coverage.

“I think everyone is now talking about the recent Chinese government enforcement measures against some big tech. [companies] with a view to guaranteeing a more equitable market environment and guaranteeing fair competition. I think this is probably the most important trend in China.

“What we are seeing is an increase in regulation and a much more sophisticated mode of enforcement. In my opinion, the demand for high quality legal services [in antitrust] will increase, ”Liu said.

Compared to Chinese law firms, international firms operate on a different cost basis and profit expectations. “We focus a lot on cross-border business, on Chinese companies entering the international market,” Liu said.

Linklaters has entered into a joint operation agreement with Zhao Sheng law firm in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, established in 2018.

“Through the joint operation, we are trying to create a common identity and culture, and are doing everything we can to ensure [Zhao Sheng lawyers’] the experiences will be the same as a lawyer at a leading global law firm, through training and secondments, ”Liu said.

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