This widely curved 30-inch gaming monitor has a 200Hz refresh rate

One of the most sought after criteria for a gaming monitor is the high refresh rate. While most gamers should be happy with either a 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate, there are other gaming monitors that offer higher rates. The second criterion is of course also a fast response rate. The monitor I’m using right now has a 5ms response rate and while that’s acceptable so far, 1ms is definitely the gold standard for a gaming monitor – especially if you play games first-person shooters like Valorant, CS: Source or Overwatch a lot.

The Z edge UG30 is a 30-inch gaming monitor with a 200Hz refresh rate and 1ms response rate, which is pretty good. These specs will significantly reduce ghosting and any feeling of lag while you play your favorite games.

Moreover, it also has a curved design and although it is not crucial to have one, it definitely adds more immersion in your gaming and movie watching experience. Since you’re sitting close to the monitor, you’ll feel the immersion even more. With an ultra-thin bezel design, you can combine two monitors side by side seamlessly.

The Z-Edge UG30 has a Full HD 2560×1080 resolution and while that’s not 2K or 4K, that means it’ll be less taxing on your graphics card. If you don’t have the latest and greatest graphics card in your PC, the native 1080p resolution can give you very high frames per second in most games, completely eliminating stutter while you game. It also supports HDR with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and an aspect ratio of 21:9.

There’s also a cool RGB backlight that will reflect off the wall behind the monitor and the colors can be changed as well. If you want to hang the monitor on the wall, you can too. It features a 100*100mm VESA mount for easy mounting and installation, and obviously the monitor can be tilted to achieve the optimal viewing angle.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor offers 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, USB and audio out.

Z-Edge UG30 can be purchased on at Geeky shopping for a retail price of $388.99. However, feel free to use our promo code NNNcravUG30 which will bring the price down to $288.99.

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