UW approves designs for new halls of residence


The University of Wyoming board of trustees has taken a step forward to adopt a plan to create new student housing.

Last week, administrators approved interior and exterior designs for two new living and dining rooms, which will be located west of 15th Street, near McWhinnie Hall and the recreation and entertainment center. Wellness Half Acre.

The five-storey university residences will house a total of 900 students.

In addition, council approved the exterior design of a three-level parking lot at the site of the existing Ivinson parking lot at the southwest end of the campus. This facility will provide space for 375 vehicles when completed.

The total cost of these buildings and other related works is estimated to be approximately $ 250 million. The Wyoming legislature has authorized the university to issue bonds to finance construction, and the board is expected to consider bond issuance at its next meeting in June.

In preparation for construction of the new residence, Wyoming Hall was demolished earlier this year and the utility move is currently underway.

Construction of the parking lot is expected to begin this fall, and construction of the dorms and dining hall is expected to begin in 12 to 15 months and will take approximately two years.

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